Training for a Triathlon In 4 Weeks – Week three

YES! I made it to week 3…. just.

Let me be clear training for a triathlon in 4 weeks is not a good idea and you should not do it. having said that lets get back into it.

Monday morning: 5.6 km run
1)3×20 seconds @ medium effort with 30 second recovery pace
2)2 minute easy jog
3)3×40 second @ above medium effort with 40 second recovery pace
4)2 minute easy jog
5)3×1.5 minute @ max effort with 40 seconds recovery pace
6)2 minute easy jog
7)Finish the 5.6 km target
Monday afternoon: 18 km ride
1)3x200m @ medium effort 20 with seconds recovery ride
2)2 minutes recovery
3)3x400m @ above medium effort 30 with seconds recovery ride
4)2 minutes recovery
5)3x800m @ max effort 40 with seconds recovery ride
6)2 minutes recovery
7)Finish the 18km target

Tuesday morning: Weight training(I will go into this in more details in another post)
Tuesday afternoon: Rest

Wednesday morning: 1100m swim
1)3x25m @ medium speed
2)50m recovery swim
3)3x50m @ above medium speed
4)50m recovery
5)3x100m @ max effort with 30 second rest
6)100m recovery swim
7)complete 1100m target
Wednesday afternoon: Rest

Thursday morning: 5.6 km run
1) 4k at race speed
2) Complete 5.6k target
Thursday afternoon:  17.7km ride
1) 4x200m @ race speed with 30s recovery
2)Finish 17.7k target @ easy speed

Friday morning: 28k ride
1)20k @ medium speed
3)Finish 28k target
Friday afternoon: Weight training(I will go into this in more details in another post)

Saturday morning: 1600m swim
1)800m @ race speed
2) Finish 1600m target @ easy speed
Saturday afternoon: 9 km run
1) 5k at race speed
2) Complete 9k target

Sunday: Rest day: Walk, Yoga, Stretches, Foam roller.

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