Training for a Triathlon In 4 Weeks – Week two

Why are you still doing this? Training for a triathlon in 4 weeks is a bad idea. Didn’t you read that I am “not the brightest peanut in the turd”.

Good to see you ignored the warning and are still with us.

If you find yourself exhausted then stop or at least cut back on the training a little. You aren’t going to make it to the race if you burn yourself out. Listen to your body and continue if you are feeling up to it. Don’t listen to your brain it will tell you to have a sleep in rather than get up and do what makes you feel better.

All advice that people gave me and I ignored… This is where I stress this was my ridiculous training plan for my ridiculous goal.

Monday morning: 5.6 km run
1)2×20 seconds @ medium effort with 30 second recovery pace
2)2 minute easy jog
3)2×40 second @ above medium effort with 40 second recovery pace
4)2 minute easy jog
5)2×1.5 minute @ max effort with 40 seconds recovery pace
6)2 minute easy jog
7)Finish the 5.6 km target
Monday afternoon: rest/stretch/foam roll

Tuesday morning: 18 km ride
1)2x200m @ medium effort 20 with seconds recovery ride
2)2 minutes recovery
3)2x400m @ above medium effort 30 with seconds recovery ride
4)2 minutes recovery
5)2x800m @ max effort 40 with seconds recovery ride
6)2 minutes recovery
7)Finish the 18km target
Tuesday afternoon: Weight training(I will go into this in more details in another post)

Wednesday morning: 1100m swim
1)2x25m @ medium speed
2)50m recovery swim
3)2x50m @ above medium speed
4)50m recovery
5)2x100m @ max effort with 30 second rest
6)100m recovery swim
7)complete 1100m target
Wednesday afternoon: 5.6k run
1)3x1000m @ race speed with 400m recovery swim
2)Finish 5.6k target

Thursday morning: 1100m swim
1)3x200m @ max effort with 30 sec recovery swim
2)100m easy swim
3)Finish 1100m target
Thursday afternoon: 9k run
1)5k @ race speed
2)Finish target volume at easy speed

Friday morning: 18k ride
1)2x25k @ race speed with 1 min easy ride
3)Finish 18k target
Friday afternoon: Weight training(I will go into this in more details in another post)

Saturday morning: 28km ride
1) 20k @ race speed
2)Finish 28k target @ easy speed
Saturday afternoon: 1600m swim
1)800m @ race speed
2) Finish 1600m target @ easy speed

Sunday: Rest day: Walk, Yoga, Stretches, Foam roller

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